10 Weeknight Chicken Recipes

10 weeknight chicken recipes

It happens almost every evening. Dinner sneaks up on me. I always think I have plenty of time until I look at the clock and realize it’s already 5, and I don’t have a clue what to make. Then I panic and out comes a can of beans because, for some odd reason, that’s my default staple when I don’t know what to cook. My family’s pretty sick of beans.

Since coming up with a meal plan/recipe is half the battle, I put together this collection of 10 weeknight chicken recipes. Each of these dishes are easy, quick and will be enjoyed by parents and kids alike. Plus, if you cook up a chicken on Sunday, you can use the meat in several of these dishes and save even more time.

How to Style Your Home with Scent

Learn how to create a luxurious home atmosphere using fragrence.
Scents are powerful. With the ability to evoke feelings, memories and even change our mood, using fragrance as part of your home decor just makes sense. Whether it’s a great smelling candle flickering on the mantle or a vase full of fragrant flowers, creating a signature scent profile is the finishing touch when it comes to creating a luxurious, comfortable home atmosphere.

Easy Tips to Get Your Best Skin Ever

Thank you to Vanity Planet for providing the Spin for Perfect Spin Brush used in this article.

Follow this easy skin care routine to get your best skin ever.For as long as I can remember, my skin has been problematic – always rough and dry no matter the season. None of the many lotions or serums I’ve tried over the years have given relief for more then a few hours. I recently started using the following skin care routine to help combat my consistently dry skin, and I have been incredibly happy with the results. There is no going back now!

Monroe and Main Spring Fashion

This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic
MonroeMainCollage Technically, there is still over a month of winter yet to come, but I can tell that spring is on horizon. Last week was glorious, with everyday reaching 50 degrees or above. Ella and I were beyond ready for this reprieve from the cold, and we enjoyed some fun times at the playground.

Besides the warmer weather, there is something else I love about spring – the fashion. With beautiful bright shades, pastels and floral prints, clothing for this season is always so pretty and feminine.

DIY Chalkboard Coasters

DIY Chalkboard CoastersAs I look into the kitchen, I can see our entire cup collection sitting beside the sink. Last night the dishwasher was run and everything was clean. Less then 24 hours later, there they sit, ready to be washed again. This has become a very common scenario. Nobody can remember which cup they had previously used, so they reach for a new one.

I loved the concept of the chalkboard coaster from the moment I saw it. Not only are they fun to decorate for special occasions and parties, they are perfect for the day to day task of keeping track of which cup belongs to you. Simply write your name on a coaster, place your drink on it, and you’re good to go.

While you could buy chalkboard coasters, they are extremely easy to create yourself. They’re super cheap too – I made 8 for less than $6.