When you buy clothing from a store that advertises themselves as "cheap," its hard to know what to expect. So while I wasn't sure of the quality, shopping at 10DollarMall was exciting in a way. Since everything is $10 or less, there are no limits – nothing is over budget.

I ended up with four tops, three hair accessories and a pair of earrings for a total cost of $53 (including shipping). When they arrived, I was excited to see that two of the shirts were from brands that I buy regularly.

I mentioned in my Spring Trends post that lace is a popular item this season; the Ivory Lace Blouse is a great example. I love the design; the lace layers are very beautiful. It comes with a matching, detachable cami as well (not shown).

The V Neck Blouse is a simple top that fits well. The center panel and upside down v detail are very flattering, and the deep blue shade is gorgeous.

The light gray/blue top with the 3/4 sleeves features cut outs on the shoulders as well as a see-through panel in the back. This shirt is a very pretty, casual piece.

The Black and Purple Blouse has many nice details; delicate crochet work along the back, ribbon tie, beautifully draped neckline, and a ruffled edge along the bottom.

I love all the hair pieces I chose. They are so cute and only $2 each. I was disappointed, however, that the purple clip (shown in my hair) broke after wearing just one day. I also didn't love the earrings; they're a little too gaudy in person.


Overall I was impressed with the pieces I received, and I am glad to have found a shop where I can buy the styles I enjoy for such a great price. To see all the bargains 10DollarMall has to offer, visit their online site.

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I have a material connection because I received a review copy, that I can keep for consideration in preparing to write this content.



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12 comments on “10DollarMall.com Review

  1. Katy

    I really like the middle shirt – the blue v-neck one. It looks great on you and is such a flattering color. – Katy

  2. Aeryn Lynne

    Wow!  WTG on picking up such an awesome collection for an amazing price.  Will have to check this site out. :)

  3. Suburban Style Challenge

    I really like that detailing on the V neck top!  Thanks for sharing the info… I'm definitely going to check it out!  

  4. Mallory

    You mentioned that a few pieces were brands you buy regularly… do you mind sharing which brands? The blue top is really cute btw!

  5. Melanie K.

    What a great price on these items! I'll have to check it out!

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